Lets be serious for a minute, if you or your loved one is suffering from addiction it will never get any better. It will only get worse because the disease of addiction is a progressive illness! If you want to stay in the disease that's your problem, but if you want to recover then that's our problem. We have worked with thousands of people that were once just as bad as you, nearly all have recovered!

We have worked with people from all walks of life, from mega movie stars to garbage collectors, from sports celebrities to soccer moms. This disease does not discriminate, it will take its toll once you start to show signs of addiction.. Get help now and get your life back! Before its too late...

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       Robb Kelly Recovery Group

We change Lives on a daily basis because we care and have been there, but most Importantly we know how to get out..!

We offer a personalized care plan for our clients that is second to none..

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Jenny Edelman

Personal Assistant to Dr.Robb Kelly


Robb Kelly has had it all. He has been a millionaire, an international business executive, a policeman, a famous musician sharing the stage with legends like Elton John, David Bowie and Queen. A regular session bass player at famous Abbey Road recording Studio in London England..

Robb has been an award winning body builder and a martial arts competitor...

Robb has been all these things, and lost it all to addiction.

But there was a bigger plan for him. Robb has gone onto RECOVER and give hope and help to thousands who suffer from addiction..

"Alcoholism has little to do with alcohol, its a symptom of the disease. Unless you have a full knowledge of your condition you have very little chance of recovery. An alcoholic is not someone who just drinks too much, it goes way beyond that as we now know"

The saddest thing about alcoholism may be that it not only affects the alcoholics, but those who care about them; breaking up families, causing loss of income and businesses, and interrupting home life, school work, and relationships. Today I am grateful, very grateful indeed.

Robb Kelly Recovery Group

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