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Robb Kelly Recovery Group
Treated thousands of people including sports/film/music A list celebrities

The DVD series "Lets Get Back to 98% Success Rate" still a best seller with
FMS Productions

Weekly Radio Phone In Show 
"Talking Sober"
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With the help of a highly qualified interventionist,      family members and loved ones are given the tools necessary to help the addict in a compassionate and effective way.

Extreme Intervention

Special ops trained staff members can rescue your family member from the grip of  addiction -- these precision, military- style maneuvers snatch your family member from danger zones such as crack houses and drug dens and  transport them to        safe areas, where he/she may be provided options for recovery.

Addiction Consultant

Respected around the world as a leading Consultant on Addiction.  His DVDs are being used in many Institutions and prisons as a teaching aid to recovery.

Keynote Speaker

A world renowned circuit speaker for the past 20 years, Robb delivers a powerful message every time.

Addiction Lecturer

Presented / lectured at some of the most prestigious universities and hospitals around the world including Oxford and Cambridge.

Motivational Speaker

Motivate your sales team or employees to perform to the best of their ability.

Abuse Recovery

Often abuse goes hand in hand with addiction- often as the root cause of pain and loss of self. Abuse recovery teaching with an abuse survivor uncovers your identity and builds your self esteem and strength.

Sober Coach

A Sober Coach bridges the gap between mainstream recovery sources - a residential treatment center, 12-Step meetings, counselors, churches, therapists, etc. - and those who are recovering.  The goal of a Sober Coach is to build an honest and genuine relationship with clients in their own environment, while ensuring a high level of accountability and trust with our clients that typical treatment sources do not provide. 

12 Step Advocate

Robb Kelly's DVDs are amongst the top ten best sellers with FMS Productions.

Life Coaching

Areas of focus include improving communication in and out of work, creating work-life balance, building self-trust and confidence,  navigating family matters and relationship issues, finding loving life partner and building deep fulfillment and personal satisfaction.

Sober Travel Chaperon
We offer a variety of services. These services are tailored to our client’s individual needs and goals.

Weight Loss Programs
Gross group weight loss here at RKRG is a total of 235 Pounds over the past 12 months

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